Earn free cryptocurrency

I would like to share this with you guys as I made some good free cryptocurrency, I am always looking on utube for good apps and come across a channel called cryptocurrency apps the apps are good a do pay.. so if you fancy alook here the link

I know alot of people dont have the money to buy crypto so I hope this help...

Ready steady crypto!

Check the channel plus it gives free cryptocurrency away

And good luck 😃

lets be honest :P i tried them all.. and you farm 8 hours minimum for maybe 0.001 bch...^^ thats not worth it.. while doin that to get enough for beeing able to withdraw you prolly have 2-3x faucets reset and more likely made som dooo from those. sure it works but the time it takes to actually get that coins somewhere else to make somethin off of it for me isnt worth it... not to mention how frustrating it can be thinkin about the time it took you.. if you bust that 100k in 5 or 10minutes..xD