1.It is a game of money so users are required to have a minimum of 0.002btc or equivalent in other coins total deposits in the last 7 days (1 week).

2.To join the LMS you need to register by posting your duckdice username together with your
deposit transactions (transaction ID can be found in ''My Finance'' section) in this topic.

example = @mharckie : %a499e4b3d7

One account per person only.First 30 users will be given the chance to play the

LMS.Registered Users must be on the game chat lobby (AR Chatroom) 10 mins before the

game starts.Attendance is a must.if u are not in the game chat we will replace your seat with

other players.

3.We will give each participant a number which will serve as target numbers for other

players.We will post the numbers in the game lobby when everyone is ready.

4.You must hit the number of other players to kick them out.Post your bet id in the

chatboard (_$MDSHA_RPCHAR$betid) ,main goal is to hit someone before you get hit.You cannot hit your own

number.If you are already out of the game please stop posting your bet ids.

5.Game will run for atleast 1 hour. Because we want to give you the prizes we will be adding

target numbers every 10 to 15 mins depends on how many players are left.

6.To maintain a good game environtment ,Mods will mutes spammers and rule breakers in

the game lobby.If you are one of the participants you will not want to be muted so please

follow the rules.

7.Minimum bet is 500 satoshi and maximum is 1000 satoshi.Maximum chance is 90%. If you

dont have btc you can exchange you coins using our duckdice exchanger.

8.LMS will run daily and will start on May 29 2019 at 15:00 server time .


Last Man Standing = 0.0005 each survivor

Godlike = 0.0005 (must be LMS and most hit)

First blood = bet amount * 20 * 2

Kills = bet amount * 20

LMS Weekly Leaderboards

Top 3 Users with most Kills in a week will have corresponding prizes

Rank 1 = 0.01

Rank 2 = 0.0075

Rank 3 = 0.005

Goodluck and Enjoy!!!


LMS Leaderboard

as of july 18 2019


1.@keiichi4444 : 37 kills

2.@asadsharef318 : 10 kills

3.@malasinkasakin : 8 kills

4.@pedrojmelo : 7 kills

5.@Soranith : 6 kills

6.@Viguistam : 4 kills

6.@Eugene30 : 4 kills

7.@Deepakkumar : 3 kills

8.@Lodipet30 : 2 kills

8.@aalianss : 2 kills

8.@dnsak777 : 2 kills

9.@cinthiar : 1 kill

9.@arleneshane : 1kill

9.@vasquezbank0922 : 1 kill

9.@Imapillow : 1 kill

wow its nice see u in LMS buddy one again

good luck to all



boyz97 said:



lets register later,.

ready to rock n roll

awesome competion is going to start again 😃

I want in

Reserved for howzitgoin

%a3888e2453 %aebbb24299 %a888d687e4



registration will only start after this message.






howzitgoing said:

Reserved for howzitgoin

%a3888e2453 %aebbb24299 %a888d687e4

my rego is here



%a244e56886 %a966b992d5 %a5bb68bee4 %a388553d59