FAST BTC withdrawals and fee.

It's been same problem all the time, but noone seem to address it...

We all understand the idea about average fees, combined transactions and other things. And i doubt anyone would care if fee is different when wd is done on slow or normal rate.

But if there is an option to select a FAST tx and user selecting it and PAYing for it specifically ( obviously having a reasons to do it fast instead of normal), why tx is still sent with average fee disregard the mentioned cost?

Now as example fee for fast tx is 24k sats. And i need it to be sent FAST - if u put it 50k fee - i would pay 50k, cos the priority here is speed, not the cost. But tx got sent with 8500 sats ( instead of 24k, and morever got stuck in mempool and not being confirmed.

I don't care for remaining 16k btc that goes nowhere. But i am really concerned that i am not getting anything close to FAST tx as i selected and as i wanted.

It's just plain false info from DD side.

Either completely delete the option for fast withdrawal and say that all tx will be sent with average calculated fee.
Or make it that FAST tx would be sent with EXACTLY that fee that is mentioned.


(once again.. i don't care where extra money goes, and i don't need it back. as well i know that DD sometimes pays more than the fee we pay here. It all has nothing to do with speed and priority and with general purpose of different fee options.)

Thanks for reminding about this issue, will actually think on this one.

We made our reserach in 2 directions: 1st - checked how it works on other srevices and 2nd checked how can we improve our current algorithm to stick closer to paid fee.
1st – we came to a conclusion that even those who take 0.001 for fast processing can end up with very small real fee and therefore tx will stuck - although we seek for higher standards, so this is just an observation.
2nd - we did improved our algorithm already some time ago, and hopefully you can feel the difference (although it is hard when the market is in the stae as it is now).

it's difficult with BTC always, i'm not sure i've used any wallet service that can have tx's move as fast as i like in a busy market, except when i can set custom fee - maybe this is somethng duck can look into?

I don't think it is possible for us to give ability to set custom fee, but ofc we can check it again.