Allow All Affiliate Claims to Be Paid In Chosen Currency.

Good Day,

I would like to make a request, to allow us to claim all available affiliate balances at once to our game balance in one currency, if the amounts in the other currencies are above their respective min claim amount.

So if 3 currency's are over the min claim amount, and you select to claim your affiliate bonus to ETH, it will then claim and convert those 3 currencies to ETH, and add it to your game balance.

I have over 200 affiliates and they all play in different currencies, i think it would be great to claim them all to one currency.

I agree with this.

that would be cool really

I assume our exchnage doesn't help you here?

would be very cool this idea, i'm assuming most people are withdrawing affiliate funds well under exchange min mostly

It's a really good idea if it could be done, maybe minimum exchange levels for affilate funds could be lowered as a "special" case ??

Stan said:

I assume our exchnage doesn't help you here?

The exchange helps AFTER claiming each currency individually, which is a somewhat "tedious" process when some are under the exchange allowence.

Even though you have say $10-$20 in affiliates, spread amoungst all the currencies, none could be eligable for exchange by themselves, yet you have quite a sum in total.

i m also agree. its good idea.