MInimum lost

Please, I need to configure the automatic, with the option of "how much I want to lose", not as they currently have, "when the sado is less than", because in the first case it will not have to be updated at all times and it would be useful, because Would you want to take my time if that does not affect the random result? Thank you.

Currently we allow to limit the min amount left on a balance, so you control your losses. Honestly I didn't really understand what is your suggestion, so pleas explain again.

i thnk he means settings that are more wider on the spectrum. e.g. if you get up too 0.01+ profit. you can set a do not lose more than 0.005 , so it slides/scales with your win amount

Something like a % or part of a balance as a limit for an auto?

More replies on this one guys, if it is a common need, then of course we will work in this direction.