Do you have gambling addiction?

How much addicted you are?


Doing gambling without sleep. Spend whole day long & wake up at mid night, have a visit to gambling site then play.


It kills us always. Can't stop when we start winning. Finally stop when we lose_ And blame us.. why I haven't stop at right time.


We want more, after having a good run, withdraw, we make redeposit in a want of more. That's how we end mostly with nothing. We aren't satisfied with what we get.

BTW, how much addicted you are at gambling? Does those things happens with you?

Without sleep_gambling_greed_lose_unsatisfied_redeposit_lose

Truly gambling is fun always but not losing money what you can't afford.

I found myself much addicted in gambling. Spend most of the time at online gambling site. Lost money then buy little amount of coins and continue my game here and there. Sometimes bark at chat :(

Nowadays I stay awake at night for doing gamble. Sometimes wake up from sleep at mid night and start visiting gambling site and play.

I want to get rid of this much addiction. I wish I can do it. Hope..,

actually somehow yes but i have addiction to earn money where ever its comes i am not fully addicted to gambling .. but yeah its truth i stay online more my time on gambling sites :)