11.04.2019 Updates

USDT coming to Telegram Bot

The newest and already one of the most popular currency on DuckDice - USDT now available for betting on official Telegram Bot .

User Experience and Performance improvement

Nice touches that will make your game experience more pleasant. System messages is more user-friendly, autobet runs more stable, animation looks more subtle. This one is all about small details which you not always see but they leave an overall positive impression.

Chat rules

The chat rules has been updated so make sure to read new version. Let's keep a friendly atmosphere within our warm community together!

New Award

Special award, that will be assigned manually to those who are active in our Forum Contests !

Jackpot Update

Now Jackpot prize will become bigger! Roll 7777 with bet ID xxxxxxxx77 to hit DuckDice's Progressive Jackpot! Current min bet is 0.00001 BTC.

Lucky Currencies

The Lucky currencies for upcoming weeks are DOGE and BCH, expect to catch some of them from Rains and Lucky Bet Bonuses.

And one more cool thing

Te FLASH Bets - the ultimate speed bets which will be placed in a blink of an eye are coming SOON! Very soon.


nice update sir ๐Ÿ‘

that's cool updates .... 'll be happy to see more fast betting speed

The color of the "minimum bet amount" sign stands out in the color gamut and distracts from the game. I propose to change from red to yellow or green. Red color distracts from the game https://pastenow.ru/d41ab63d1ac90862d3de44c787d56fbc

totally awesome :D


Thatโ€™s awesome you guys keep it up ,

really awesome updates :)

I am against Flashbets as the name of the feature.
This is the name of Bitslers feature way way back.