20% RakeBack Opportunity!

Hello Ducklings!

For New & Existing Users, all you need to do is Make a New Account Using My Referral Link, The referral commission that you will make if you sign up under my ref link. DuckDice offers 20% commission percent on referrals and i am willing to give back All 20% commissions to you.

example: if you sign under my referral and wagered as follows:

1 btc wagered = 0.002 btc rakeback

10 btc wagered = 0.02 btc rakeback

100 btc wagered = 0.2 btc rakeback

1000 btc wagered = 2 btc rakeback

Duckdice also have competitive up under my link.


Sorry to tell, but it is forbidden to lure existing users under your referral and they won't be linked as your refs anyway (automatically). Also your aff perecnt is 10% - where you gonna take remaining 10% for rakeback?
Also users who will create new accounts not only won't be linked to you as refs but also will have a problem with multiple accounts (which is against our rules and affect faucet wd, wd processing time, etc).


lol the topic seems like copy past :P

kaleemmalik071 said:

lol the topic seems like copy past :P

It does read a lot like that other thread under this sub.