Autobet - Change chance rather than bet amount

Hi There,

Something i think is really cool in scripting, like DiceBot, is the ability to adjust your Chance every bet rather than just your bet amount.

You could set it to half your chance on loss, thus adjusting payout rather than bet amount.
Normally on 49.5 odds, your bets would look like this:

When adjusting Chance rather than bet amount, it will look like this:


It leads to more idea's and fun ways of adjusting betting styles

Seems like a good idea! Thank you!

I like an idea. Anyone else? I remember lots of people requested this feature already, so if you guys want a new feature you need to spam the corresponsing thread with an upvotes:)

My idea would be this:

Since we have the feature to turn "Economy Mode", why don't we have 2/3 modes autobet stuff. Like seuntjie's. Basic Advance Programmer, and name it Egg Duckling Duck something like that. hehe

Anyone to upvote?

I find interesting stop limit per quenity of reds. Ex: configure to stop with 500 reds in 1% or at any other chance.😁

This is a very good idea which I use sometimes in scripts, it's almost like a "minibet" or mini hunting" to have 4 or 5 attempts to hit a lowered chance, if no hit revert back to the base chance and continue again, the ability to do this saves your bank balance on sometimes fruitless martingales that normally bust out ! Any feature like this would be an advantage to Duckdice Imao.

Stan said:

Anyone to upvote?

Am i able to upvote my own idea 😋

again generally, i'm so up for any auto bet feature that can make the whole thing programmable, like before; it'd attract a lot of people i think if it could be dicebot like -- this one feature, changing bet chance every roll or x rolls sounds like a easy win though too begin with