29.03.2019 Updates

Game Stats Charts

One of the most beautiful features released! Now you can discover your profit looking on a colorful dynamic chart. Even more! You can turn on automatic betting and look how the line runs.

By default, the chart replaces eggs on the Game field when you play on Auto mode but you can turn it off and come back to the original DuckDice layout using the switcher. On Manual eggs are displayed by default but they also can be turned to the chart with the switcher.

Lucky Bet Improvements

One more cool update! To make Lucky Bet more interesting we've removed a rule which determines a bet number. So now winning bet is randomly selected within a range. What does it mean? It became more interesting because no one can't predict winners (I recommend to start parlaying on lucky bets)!

The next improvement is removed win chance and now almost everyone will take part! So Lucky Bet becomes more competitive and interesting.

We also added a nice image that emerges on winners' screens.

Sniper Improvements

As we're working on the best side games, we've decided to make our Sniper more user-friendly! Now Sniper icon will show a number of running and the upcoming game with the closed sidebar to never let you miss another round.

Goodbye Google+

As you know, there is no Google+ anymore , so don't be afraid if you find another icon instead of it. You still can log in using Google account but you can't share your bets via G+ (obviously).

GAP600 and Betting Speed

These updates are already well-known but I want to repeat.

At first, since GAP600 became our partners you can make an instant deposit in BCH or BTC. Many ducklings have already tried and seems it made them happy, so you have to try too!

The next cool update is the new - machinegun-like - betting speed. It's so cool I've made a special thread with a chart and a video. Take a look, don't let me cry!

Performance Improvements

Whilst we were working on the new cool stuff, we've found enough time and work on the whole site's performance. Hope, you will notice that it works faster!

Other Cool Stuff

You may decide that's all but that's not!

  1. We've made some new affiliate banners and they are awesome! Just download them and place anywhere to let the world see!

  2. Lucky Bet prizes in ETH and ETC the next two weeks. Why not? It's cool!

  3. Space Shuttle contest ends very soon but you have enough time to take part! The next contest is coming, don't miss!

  4. Traditional weather forecast: mixed rains for the next two weeks.

Cool! Excellent works

Boa atualizaรงรฃo ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Awoesome Update


sir earlier duckdice on low ram mobile was good and fast...but after last updatefor bet speed its become laggy on mobiless...cant even play on mobile...so please improve to play on mobile..

really nice updates :)

old is gold bro new luckybet update not well