Four Word Story

Rules are simple, we're going to write a story :P
1) Your post can only contain 4 words

2) Since we are writing a story, let's try not to make it spammy with repeating phrases, words, writing what the other person just posted, etc..

3) Try to keep it appropriate, I don't mind pot jokes and stuff like that but be sensitive of others as always ;)
4) Your post should have something to do relatively with the post above it, but don't be afraid to make a plot twist or try to set up something mid-sentence for somebody else to finish

5) Have fun :) Going to keep the thread open for a month, so eventually we will have to write an ending as well ;)

I'll start it off,
"For Jim, it was"

a time of jubilation.

When parrots fly away

leaving argentina for migration

then jim knew, confusion.

Confusion unlike any before, ..

only my Grandma knows

how the confusion flows

As a tiny kebab rolling

But grandma is not

a 3rd dimensional being

they came to visit

grandma's missing 3rd dimension

but then it disappear

and once again we