I have a Story I would like to Share if you feel interested in reading.. It's sort of a package.. You not only get a Story to tell your friends about.. This here also includes a Fuuuooiinie Riddle. A Joke at the end.. and, a knot so tasteful rumor that will probably end up circulating as a Direct result of you being you or you may encounter someone or somebody who will eventually be so quick to without a doubt.. be offended, take offense and decide that although I had nothing to do with this.. and despite how. "Long-ago" this. . Horiffic. event. . . H n. B. M.ay. .. It May.
V. V.v. .have taken place..
Bbbbbbb. Bbb. Bb i. n. a. It completely
may. V. B v n. N n
B. . . .v.v. . N h. . . . . N ... . ..b
. V. V. C. V.v.
Yes. I said Fuuuooiinie
So do not mistake the word for having been funny. Again, it's Fuuuooiinie
Exactly how it sounds.
Because I guarantee that many of you would not condone and are going to scramble and get your underwear full of black licorice.. over not necessarily what I have to say, but more or less because of what I have decided to name and call this page. Literally. Single. Page. A. That. I. In my opinion.. Felt that.. Single. Sheet
. .nbh.b. n. N. Nñnnn... bb nñ n. M n n. M. ..

. . Bb. . ... b. N n.
Nn. N. N.....,...,.,........ .................. n.. .................................. .............................. ...... ...... .......... m.................,...... m.

... Hell Enter's Shelter. Seek. M..

M. . V. .... m. m...... ..m n .. m. M. . N nj n.. .. n m..n n .. .................. m m,..............mj n. .....m nnnkm. .... m. Nm n mmk m .m. m k m n k m n j kj n mmmmm..mnm.mm.. m m nmmmkm m k m mm.....

.. . M.

... Well.. mm.

And omg. You. are. going. to. Literally. Freakkk, when I tell you that not only do I have a Hilarious Riddle to share,
I too have a joke that although you might not find, funny, because.. I had already said it before.. but.. SOME of you are dying to hear it.

Anyway, before ai..
And "The Computer"
Existed.. Everything was done manually.. and.. let me tell you. Those were the Good Ol Days.

Back when roads were made of dirt.. and you could walk on them all day long because your feet would feel nice and cool.. it was allllll Gravvvy.

But man, once they decided to throw a bunch of random shit together and create Asphalt.. My Life became A LIVING HELL.
I am sure that None of you would or even care enough to believe me.. why not? Everyone thinks that I am crazy. It's alright though. I know the truth and I am just glad that I do not have to suffer anymore.

I am telling you.. you are going to need to make a Deposat.. yes. I have decided that sats is the way to go. So. Pull up a chair and kick back because this is literally just the opener.
that I. Decided is going to be
B. . Paid . In Bitcoin.
. made up?
made up
Made up?
Made up. Eh.. not exactly. I would have originally agreed with myself that I had made it up but after realizing that the definition of make would otherwise make my first choice be actually, incorrectly, not. riet. Right? Yes. Right. Which right? The Left right. The Left one. Pick them left one. Alright. Well, since that is all that Is left.. I will choose that right. Yes. I am not certain. That is the correct one. Well, at least so it may seem. Because unfortunately, this is not something that I do not want to end up with a big fat zero on this so I have decided to be grammarly correct on at least that one word so that if anything, I do not end up with anything lower than a 1. Or Hell.. why not.. Lets grade this joke to the nearest sat. So. Everyone Ready??

Too late.
Okay.. don't worry. I am literally making this up as I go, so there is not necessarily a deadline for the punishment that is going to be handed.. I'll stop there.. Now Pay up Bitch.
Also, I have plenty of more to come.
So. Just know. I am just glad that I am getting Ball rolling. Ball and Chain. Meet


Let's get to work. This Pyramid. is. not going to build itself. Am I right? .. we.ll. ....Chop. Chop. It. Is . Getting chilly . And you know exactly what o. courts. When. It. Or. I. Get. Homemade. Chili. Especially. When I spice it up with pickled. Jalapeños and. Shredder .
Cheese. 🧀. Pictures r. 📸. Click. Click. Boom. 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 Naile.d it. 💅