I know I still have much to learn but I am fascinated by where the future of managing assets is going. I am sure that if you do not develop an understanding behind the advancement that having a digital record of where Something (It does not even have to be currency) Is, how long it had remained in place or dormant, transfered, exchanged or in some cases.. Burned, (increasing the Value of Something or making the supply more scarce by sending it to a location or address that can only receive) making whatever it was no longer in circulation. Anyway, from what I understand.. It is a transparent system of checks and balances. As far as my understanding goes.. There is much that goes on behind the scenes.. each transaction and balance is validated almost simultaneously by many individuals or computers many times over while a digital record is stored and documented. It's kinda like when you find a dollar that can be tracked and you see where it has been or traveled.. Except, In this case.. You have full access, control, and ability to manage your asset as long as you have access to your digital wallet. Your history of where it has been and value (since the Value of digital assets can fluctuate "for now") can be traced back, reviewed and validated by others to determine if a transaction is considered valid. (Reminds me of when I worked in Tech Support) (They taught me the P.A.I.R. process) Probe. Analyze. Isolate. Resolve. Basically each transaction goes through the P.A.I.R. process in a sense. You've got to determine first off how much their balance is and if they have enough funds to fund the transaction.. etc. Anyway!

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