Please add "Tip to Bank" or Tip-Only accounts

Please consider adding the ability to tip to my own bank, and have an API command for this. Or at least allowing an addon account that only has the ability to send/receive tips.

If this will not be considered, can you please provide an explanation of why not? Thank you so much! I love the site and i think this small addition would be beneficial to both users and DD. You would definitely milk more money out of me 😁

very long time to not reply to this but i will again raise it

seems like adding a tip/tipped only account would be the easiest fix. It is simply an account that has no ability to bet, sniper or join contests. TAKE MY MONEY!!!

will tip accounts have an ability to wd?

Also is this only for API?

if it was possible to tip to the bank, we wouldn't need the 2nd account. This is for api so i can tip to my bank or "holding account". If it had to be a 2nd or holding account, that account should not be able to bet, not be eligible for affiliate use or count toward affiliate compensation to the main account. Withdraw wouldn't be needed on the holding account if it had the ability to tip the funds back to the main account.

i'm really just looking for the easiest implementation that would allow me to tip/bank/vault from my scrypt.

Thank you extra :)

Are you guys in need of programmers? Do you have anyone in-house or do you outsource that?

From 3 feet, to 2, to 1... I'm just not spending money here anymore. Is there any way we can advance the discussion of being able to tip our bank accounts, or have a tip-to only account?

Thank you, and happy holidays!