Costume tag lottery is here once again ! 😊

As per many request- lets give out some tags ? :) As usual, we will have 4 winners ! Citerias will be almost same as always and all you need to do in order to participate is :

Be level 3+ to be eligible for entry or be with DD for more than 3 years on an active account !

Post your desired tag in this thread

We are able to make tag with max 8 symbols

You have almost 7 days to post it from this moment ( countdown is there)

Please keep in mid that you wont be included in draw if you choose some extremely vulgar or inappropreate tag :)

*Winner will be chosen through

There will be 2 winners among those who applied based on 3+ level requirement and 2 winners based on 3+ years with DD on same active account choosed separately !

Only eligible users that have meet criteria from above will be included in a draw

Tags can and will expire within a 2 months period to make it more interesting

Good luck guys and let the luckie ducklings win ! πŸ₯❀️😊


@aalians ( Legend )


@potchiecute85 @Eugene30 its up again! best of luck friends!πŸ˜πŸ€—




always but if i see this costume tag contest one thing come in my mind which is real tag Which i needs and probably eligible for and try for it. (helper) tag. .. i think my Id Is 3year old πŸ—οΈ for this reason i will apply for tags ( Pakhtoon)

@aaron1223 @Soranith @Janzuuuu24 @potchiecute85 good luck guys,, 😁