28.02.2019 Updates

Hello everyone! We've made some updates and looking for your feedback!


A new game. A new game where you can play with other ducklings. A new game where you can plat with the other ducklings without commission for the next two weeks.

Isn't it a cool upldate?

Withdrawal in Real Money

So, we are struggling to make the best gambling site. And now we are proud to present a major feature - WITHDRAWAL IN FIAT (it's a word used by smart asses for real money which you can spend in a shop).

OMG! Can you imagine that? We made it's possible! Play -> win -> withdraw on your Visa/Mastercard -> buy a fancy lambo 😎

Modified Layout

As you've figuired out, we've made some updates. What do you think about?

New Promo Banners

Promo banners with pawesome ducks for your affiliate compains. I'd click on it if found somwhere in Web immediately.


очень неудобно в последнем обновлении кнопку автоставок убрали наверх. совсем неудобно!