I recently Find New casino at least for my new xD
in house games like plinko simply slots and dice with number 0 to 99
great reward system many promotion and free money all what we like ^^
as you user you can claim crypto boxes ever 20 min and spin the whell for chance to win up to 1 BTC, trx usdt, shiba and funfury tokens ever 12h
Funfury token you can use in house games and top300 users with best profit take part of contest to win free money and BFG token( casino tokens you use to play stakeing farming)
cotest and furfury tokens are restart like i say ever 12h
you can use free crypto and money from events to built up your lvl
you can personalize acc use chat and many more from rank 2 and that only 300$ in wager
godd refeal system,Referral Bonuses will be credited automatically for bets made by your referrals in In-house games, Slots, Sports and mined BFG tokens
http://betfury.io/?r=6296493d7038af74a3a6ead8 if you like use my ref and support OG Makkers THX ;)