I found this site looking for some free crypto. Not really that kind of site, tho you can get free crypto for your first deposit, and the earn and learn feature. Turns out to be a nice Defi token site with lots of earning opportunities.

Earn and Learn- sign up and you can do 2 lessons to earn free defi tokens and btc-defi tokens

Staking- deposit and stake for incredible returns. payment is in defi tokens and is compounded daily with an apr of 28%!!!! and that is without the 'freezer' (lockup of 5 or 10 ys)

Liquidity mining- Pair other coins with defi tokens to earn both defi tokens and the native token, also eligable for 5 &10 year lock up.

The apr of some of the token pairs is as high as 39.83% for bch-dfi to 14% for doge.

They also have decentrilized assets with the highest yeild at apr 46.05% for dcoin-DUSD, with many other decentrillized assets with big returns.

For anyone who wants to check out defi staking or liquidity mining, this is a great place to not only learn about it, but experiment for almost nothing. deposit 20$ or 2000$ and watch your tokens grow.