Unveiling Decoy Token Roadmap

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Once again welcome to the thrilling world of Decoy Token, the utility token that's making waves on DuckDice.io! Decoy Token brings a new layer of excitement to the Dice game. Mine it while playing, stake it to earn a passive income, and unlock tons of rewards.

Play and Stake for Passive Income

Play your favorite Dice game on DuckDice and mine Decoy Tokens in the process. Of course the more you play, the more you earn—creating a seamless and rewarding gaming experience. Decoy Tokens aren't just limited to the Dice game; it's a versatile token that can be earned in various ways. Participate in thrilling events like Sniper Races, take advantage of limited-time promotions, refer friends through the referral program, enjoy random rains and airdrops, and engage in wagering contests. The Decoy Pot adds another layer of excitement, ensuring that there's always a chance to bolster your Decoy Token stash.

Stats to Reflect the Decoy Token

Here's a snapshot of the Decoy Token statistics:

Stats Values
Mined Tokens 362,976,399
Revenue Shared $148,659
Current Staking 240,467,579
Users with Staking Rewards 5,000+
Event Giveaways 33,913,500
Players holding ~1M Decoy 14 players

The numbers speak volumes: Over 360 million tokens mined, a staking revenue share of $148,659+, and more than 5,000 users reaping the benefits of staking. Today alone, 240 million Decoy Tokens are being staked, showcasing the community's enthusiasm. With 33.9 million tokens distributed in event giveaways, it's evident that Decoy Token is creating a buzz on DuckDice.io.

Decoy Token Roadmap

The journey doesn't end here; it's just the beginning! The Decoy Token roadmap unveils exciting milestones ahead, here are the new features that you can expect to see in the near future on DuckDice.io:

Decoy Pot
Faster Unlock
Decoy Vouchers
Special Airdrops

DuckDice.io and Decoy Token invite you to join the adventure, where every roll, stake, and event brings you closer to a world of rewards and endless fun. Start your Decoy Token journey today!