Unveiling Decoy Pot: Shortcut to Real Crypto Wins

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Remember What's Decoy Token?

It's your golden ticket to the fun! Earned through mining, airdrops, events, and more – Decoy Tokens are your key to the kingdom of freebies on DuckDice.io.

Decoy Token

Meet the Decoy Pot: Simple, Yet Thrilling!

Load up your Decoy Tokens, wait for the draw, and voilà – you could be the lucky winner of real cryptocurrency!

Decoy Pot

Meet the Decoy Pot: Simple, Yet Thrilling!

Inclusive Fun

Inclusive Fun

Everyone's invited – no VIP passes needed!
Boosted Engagement

Boosted Engagement

Turn those Decoy Tokens into real rewards, and let the excitement flow!
Diverse Winning

Diverse Winning

With Decoy Tokens raining from all directions, choose your favorite earning method and dive into the Decoy Pot action!

The Decoy Pot Bonus Game on DuckDice.io marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing an unparalleled gaming experience. We invite you to embark on this exciting journey, load your Decoy Tokens, and see if fortune favors you in the thrilling draw for real cryptocurrency.

Prize pool progression

Prize pool starts from $10 and can grow up to $10,000, depending on the number of Decoy in the pot.

Prize pool distribution

The prize pool consist of two parts: Big Share prize and Drawing prizes. Below is a detailed description of the distribution logic.

Big Share prize

The participant with the highest load will receive 20% of the prize pool before the draw. Example: If the prize pool is $100, the highest bet participant will receive Big Share prize $20.

Drawing prizes

  • Chances of prize winning are proportional to one's contribution.
  • When drawing takes place, the first three winners receive 40, 28, and 12 percent of the prize pool. Example: With a $100 prize pool, the distribution would be $40 for the first winner, $28 for the second, and $12 for the third
  • Important: One player can win only 1 of 3 drawing prizes.

    Ready to turn your gaming fun into real crypto wins? Load up your Decoy Tokens and let the games begin!