Summer Party

4 min read

Long expected Summer Party Event is finally on! 

As it's well known by now, we like to run special Rakeback events a few times every year. Rakeback events are special and will provide a chance for a player to receive 60% Rakeback from a 3% increased house edge for each level that he successfully completes in “SUMMER” mode. Edge is simply increased so the Rakeback gained for a wager in “SUMMER” mode can be significantly bigger which is a great thing and every bet made there counts but to claim the reward you will have to complete the level. 

No worries if you find it like it's not something for you because there will always be “MAIN” mode with 1% edge and Rakeback according to your level. Regular DD Club Rakeback will also refill while betting in “SUMMER” mode which is pretty awesome on top of 60% one from the increased edge and all side bonuses, but as for regular Rakeback, it will be counted from 1% edge as usual cause of technical reasons which makes summer event even more extra and favorable towards the users. Wagering made in this event is expressed in XP and gaining XP will unlock levels on a go. 

The number of levels in this event is 400 so there are a lot of prizes to be collected and considering there are 20 days to complete it is manageable. Wagering can be done in any currency of your choice that we offer, but Rakeback will be normalized to USD and claimable in BTC. Also, it is worth mentioning that recommended bet amount is 50 satoshi BTC equivalent cause bets that are less than that will still be considered but not visible on XP progress. 

Additionally, Rakeback itself is not the only thing that is offered in this event which makes it even better! In the event, you will automatically participate in Daily Wagering Contest and Money Train. 

Daily Contest 

Every single day of the event top wagered players will be rewarded with fixed prizes which is an extra amount on top of the level rewards claimed. Please note that only wagering that has been done within a particular calendar day in UTC will be considered for this contest.  

Money Train 

Now this is where it gets really interesting, especially for those that have done a greater wager in the event but also an additional amount for those that did less but still decent one. Money train itself basically depends on an overall wager of all players that participate in an event so each bet counts towards the higher money train level and higher prizes for everyone within it based on each user's individual wager in comparison to other participants. Another thing that you may find cool is Summer Decoration. Summer gelatos are merely a decoration that will display your current level-up progress at the time. Summer decoration will upgrade itself after every 5 levels that are successfully reached and will be fully completed at the last level – level 400. You can always share your current progress in chat and amaze others with your fancy decoration. Overall this is one really decent Rakeback wagering event that will bring excitement and a substantial amount of extra money to all participants that join and play their regular game while receiving 60% back from the house edge. 


60% Rakeback with 3% House Edge from every bet placed in Summer Mode! Wagering gains XP and XP unlocks levels. You will get a prize for each level! Money Train brings more prizes. The amount is based on your wager in comparison to others. Daily Contest brings individual prizes for top players. The amount of levels is 400! 

Hurry up and good luck!