Sign in with Apple

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Introducing Sign in with Apple 

We develop across platforms and are happy to announce we are integrating Apple Sign in today — simply if you have an apple device like an iPhone or mac book you can use your Apple ID to create a nearly anonymous account on DuckDice. This is to remove the need for passwords on the log in. It works natively on iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS, and in any browser. 

Note that you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Apple ID in order to use Sign in with Apple. 

While signing in you can also choose to share or not to share your email with us. We of course recommend sharing it so we can reach you with exciting offers. To log in, all you will need is your Apple ID. On your device, you can simply log in with your face ID, fingerprint, or passcode if you are old school. Works with any apple device or browser on the device. What does it mean? It simply means it should be even easier to log out and log in back. Which should make leaving a session and coming back to it quickly, securely, and with ease. No dogs running over your keyboard and losing your deposits, as it seems like the main reason to lose a deposit on DuckDice :) Apple is also only supposed to track the activity of your sign ins, via this utilization for purely functional purposes. 

So the tracking by apple is of what’s required to sign in and manage the account. We the DuckDice team will forever strive to add to and improve all our quality of life features if you have a moment we actively check our forum for more suggestions or grab a member of the team in our public chat with what you would like to see in the future. If you would like more information please read What is Sign in with Apple