Rainstorms on DuckDice.io

2 min read

Exciting news, we've turned up the fun factor on DuckDice.io with an amazing upgrade to our beloved Rain feature. Introducing Rain 2.0 — a shower of rewards!

Old Rain was a once-in-three-hours event, offering a single cryptocurrency divided among players in different language chat rooms. While it had its charm, we knew it was time to raise the bar and create a more exciting and fairer experience for everyone that will also incorporate our Decoy token in rewards.

rainstorms on duckdice

So we came up with frequent downpours of rewards, happening as often as every 30-60 minutes. More chances to win, more often! And say goodbye to language chat room divisions. Now, players from all chat rooms come together for a unified Rain event. This means even those in smaller chat rooms can score bigger rewards, making it a fairer and more thrilling experience for everyone.

We want to reward your active participation, both in the game and the chat. The more you engage, the greater your chances of receiving a reward during a Rain event. Get ready to interact, make new friends, and be part of an incredible community that's passionate about gaming.