New Design

2 min read

New Design is here! 

DuckDice has been adding features and slight design changes over the years however rarely in a drastic way to keep the good old look that is well known to users but in a new and innovative way. It's time for some bigger changes so we simply decided to become even more awesome and create a new design/layout and make changes in-game and navigation which we really hope you will like. 

This should also make the life of our mobile phones bettors much better. Besides that, everything else is the same as before – “good old dice in an innovative and new look”. The game field now should look more organized and neat while the navigation should be even more user-friendly with each feature of the site in an easier accessible place. While chat stays pretty much the same as before, private messages can be accessed by clicking on the dropdown menu close to your username in which you will also find your profile information along with bets, finances, affiliate section, security, and general settings. 

There is also a teaser – “SPORTS” button next to the dice button in the navigation bar. Yes, very soon we will introduce sports betting on DuckDice alongside dice in an innovative design so definitely something that you can look forward to. 

While on the main page with the game field opened, on the left side you will find a new shiny sidebar that allows you to access various features of the site like the DD Club section, forum, awards section, stats, lottery, bonuses page, and blog which just makes overall navigation easier to find desired sections. 

This sidebar can be either collapsed or expanded at your convenience which is also a plus. Overall one big step towards better organization and navigation of the page alongside with unique pretty design. 

For sure it will take some time to adapt to the new design and get used to it but we really hope you will like it as much as we do it and every suggestion/feedback is very welcome – you can drop by live support, email, forum thread or simply share your thoughts and idea with our friendly mods at any time – looking forward to hearing how you liked it!