Flash bets for Sniper

1 min read

Flash bets added to Sniper 

Now, since sniper games have been exceedingly popular among our respected users, after thinking about how to make the game even more awesome and based on feedback we have implemented a flash bet option for sniper races. 

Till now catching Targeted Rolls in the Sniper game was possible only by rolling manually or with the auto feature, but not anymore! This new update will allow you to place bets even faster and all participant's bets hitting targeted rolls that have been made in the Flash Bet rolling option will be counted towards the target wagering bringing this well-known DuckDices game to a new level. 

Overall placing thousands and thousands of bets instantly on the highest possible speed that DuckDice can produce at the moment while fighting for first place reward in the Sniper game is an amazing feature. 

Hopefully, snipers will enjoy and spare a moment to leave your feedback in designated channels.