Decoy Token Startdrop

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Introducing Decoy, a utility crypto token with a huge Hundred Million token Startdrop for participants. With the launch of Decoy, you now have the opportunity to profit share with the site from the start. That's 100,000,000 tokens for all participants!

startdrop staking pool

Staking Pool

After the Startdrop, 3% of the site's profit will be released to Decoy token holders in the form of a Staking pool. The more Decoy tokens you have, the bigger your personal payouts from Staking will be. Plus, the Startdrop is just the first and biggest drop, with continuous drops (airdrops) to come.


The more tokens you receive in drops, the more you can stake and the bigger your "hold2earn" will be. And, don't forget about earning tokens through playing games and referrals. In the future, tokens will also be exchangeable.

startdrop coins
startdrop categories

Mega Startdrop

The mega Startdrop distribution will be determined by a few parameters, with the main goal being that everyone, regardless of size, who has been with us from the start, gets a share. So, the longer you've been registered with us and the more chat messages you've sent, the more tokens you'll receive. Plus, there will be tiered categories for distribution, with the most rewarded going to those who've wagered the most real money with us from the start.

Just the Beginning

This is just the start for Decoy and the DuckDice team. More ways to earn Decoy tokens, such as special bonuses and games, will be introduced in the future. Don't miss out on this opportunity to profit share with us.

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