Decoy Token - Faster Unlock

2 min read

Hey, DuckDice community! We've got some awesome news to share. You know those Decoy Tokens you've been mining while rolling the dice? Well, buckle up, because we've rolled out an update that's going to make your gaming experience even better!

What's the Deal with Decoy Tokens?

In case you're wondering, Decoy Tokens are our nifty utility tokens that you can mine while having a blast playing DuckDice's dice game. The quite common thing about these tokens is that once you've mined them, they're locked for a specific period and staked, meaning you can't withdraw or use them for betting right away.

Tale of Luck

Unlock in Just 90 Days!

But here's the exciting part: previously, you had to wait for 180 days before you could unlock your hard-earned Decoy Tokens. Now, with our latest update, we've slashed that waiting time in half! That's right – you'll be able to unlock your tokens after just 90 days. Faster unlock means quicker access to your rewards, and we know how much you love that.

Winning Circle

So, get ready to enjoy your Decoy Token rewards sooner than ever before. Happy rolling, and here's to more fun and faster unlocks at DuckDice! 🦆🎉