New Prize for Lucky Bet

2 min read

Get ready to feel the excitement with our "Lucky Bet" bonus game! Every time the lucky numbers are approaching we'll announce that the Lucky Bet Bonus is up for grabs, and the lucky roll number will be revealed later. If you hit that lucky number, you'll win our our Lucky Bet Bonus of 100 Decoy! Up to 20 winners can catch free Decoy in one Lucky Bet bonus session!


This is your chance to win while playing your favorite game and benefit from our utility token - Decoy. Keep an eye out for our Lucky Bet announcement and get ready to place your bets. With up to 20 players having the chance to win the Lucky Bet Bonus, the odds are in your favor!

So come on over to the dice and join in on the fun. Stay alert and watch for our Lucky Bet announcement, because this is your chance to benefit from staking and multiply your Decoy value in the future. Start playing and you could be our next Lucky Bet winner!