Better Daily Bonus instead of Faucet

2 min read

Before everyone starts hating on this one let's just agree that different players prefer different bonuses

If you really love free small sats which you can bring up to insane wins in Faucet mods - well insane wins are rare but most of you have around 1 Faucet cashout every day - this bonus is probably not for you. But if you prefer to bet with your deposits especially if they are somewhat large amounts Rakeback aka cashback can give you a very good kick. 

Rakeback is a bonus where the house gives you a part of its profit back. House profit is called House Edge. This is our 1% we chip off your every bet and currently in the Daily Bonus we give 10% back from that 1%. And this bonus offers you +3% in that Rakeback so instead of 10% you will get 13% - might not look like a dramatic marketing number, but it's over a 30% increase in the value of our most used bonus. 

If you choose to accept this increased Daily Rakeback offer your Faucet mode will be disabled until the end of this month (September 2022) and there will be no option to cancel this deal, support or admins are not able to reverse it - we simply didn't prepare this functionality, so keep it in mind. 

The offer stands for the whole of September so you can claim it whenever, but it will certainly last until the end of the month, which is only 2 weeks. In the scope of this bonus offer, we only increase your daily Rakeback bonus, weekly and monthly bonuses will be counted and credited as usual. 

So here is what we've got for you, don't hate it straight away, try it out if you plan on making some significant deposits this month, if not, probably sticking to those faucets is a better idea.