Decoy Token Staking

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Staking is a great opportunity for any crypto enthusiast to be a part of the future of finance. Not only does it allow you to earn passive income through rewards, but it also helps to secure and decentralize the network you're staking on. It's a way to support the network and potentially increase the value of your investment. So, if you're looking for a new way to get involved in the cryptocurrency world, try Decoy Token staking!

staking how it works

How it works

  • All Deposits, Cashback, and Referral Bonuses are included in an unlocked capacity. That means that your deposits and bonuses will not be locked and will be always available for withdrawal anytime.
  • All mined tokens are included in locked capacity and will be available for unlock after 180 days.

Here are a few things that make our Staking cool

Passive Income: Staking is a way for you to earn passive income by holding onto your coins and getting a revenue share from both DuckDice and Every day we release 3% of both projects' profit to a staking pool.

staking things
free tokens

Free Decoy

Through various means such as farming, mining, referrals, and participating in drops you can get free Decoy Tokens. And the more Decoy Tokens you have the higher the Staking payouts might be.

All about fun

Decoy is a utility token so it's all about your favorite games and gaming overall. You get Decoy from numerous gaming activities making your passive earnings seamless and fun.

all about fun

Overall, staking is an exciting development in the world of DuckDice and, as it provides our players with a new way to participate in our community.