Be a good duckling - share some shoegaze 😎



Ears gone mad. 😍

Domino i don't play mf****** 😃

I've been talking with somebody about modern hip-hip and Three 6 Mafia. I've found a cool modern track with such atmosphere

fatduck said:

lol another fantastic mash up made by fatduck himself :D:D

people really should check out fatducks class act mash ups!! ^^^ some are sheer genius

^^ do not watch this on LSD unless you're a massochist

one of my favourite album


bobstone: I never wanted to cause you any problems...

posting it here too check out later

Lugoshi said:

80th postpunk is just the best thing could be played with by ppl with guitars

o my goshhhhhhh i feel young again :-)