5 feeties

i dont think he ever will

fatduck said:

i dont think he ever will

Welcome back my fatty friend 😂😂

Damn you fatty, "self-ban" again.. MeoW

Waiting for the return of the legendary "fatty" 🍰 🍺 😎

Where are you 5 feeties ?? Show yourselves, let's see you here 😎

I need to change this tread title to "3 feeties" 😂😁

Where are you "Fatty" ...



Welcome mr. snooch, lol 😂 not gonna say anything to the 1 that "hides" ... no wait.....

Thw week-end is coming Guys, what's the plan ? 😀

New week, new hope, have a good one 😀

Lazy Sunday for this 3 footer 😂😎

How dare you still be in here? :D :D