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Have you play on Lucky ?


Represent to your attention a full review of multi-casino Luckygames with the possibility to play 100 different types of cryptocurrency .

This is one of my favorite casinos with a good, functional interface that gives you the opportunity to have a good time and try your luck . House age is only 1 % .

I joined Luckygames in January, 2018 , and I 928 days on this cool site

I've been playing there for 2.5 year , I have there are real wins and Withdraw , the site pays , it is possible to rise and get winnings without deposit , even with zero balance since there is free lucky-tokens for which you can buy prizes in website store , and instead of prizes to take Satoshi .

When you registering, the site assigns you a name, it must be replaced by your own and confirm the email otherwise you will not be able to restore your account and you may lose it , I already lost once my account with vageret . Also don't forget to Enable 2FA to protect your account .

About the site :

You can play 5 amazing games, Balls , Dice , Roulette - Roulette is cool , Cells , Hacker , in all games you can use Lucky tokens, in Hacker game you can only play on Free tokens

If you do not have a balance , it does not matter because you can play for free Lucky tokens ,which gives token Faucet every minute , the more days you are on the site the more tokens you can get , up to 1000 tokens , then added % of your level , I have 230 tokens for level 23 .

They do not have a crypto Faucet, but if you buy a VIP or a legend in the site store , you can get 1000-2000 satosh every 30 minutes .

In the lower left corner select the coin you want to play . If you win and want to withdraw, the red big button is right in front of your eyes , look at it more often that would not forget that at one point you need to stop .

For Lucky Tokens you can buy prizes in the store , but instead of prizes you can take satoshi , a few guys from the Steak and Prime have won Playstatin 4 and took satoshi . You can find 21 the prize in store

Even such great prizes as the best wallet Trezor and Asic Antminer , 4 guys from Stake have won PC4 , it was Lucky221 , Moka5555 , Ambrela and someone else . I don't remember how much it was in Satoshi , but I do remember it was $ 400.

Lucky have internal exchanger in which you can change a bunch of different cryptos . All my winnings I change to BTC as it is the most reliable cryptocurrency

The level gives you a chance to get more tokens and increases your discount on purchase prizes in the store .

The following factors increase the level - Loyalty Level , Wagering Level , Betting Level , Chat Activity Level , Referring Level , Referrals Betting Level , Contest Activity Level , Jackpot Hunting Level , Rainmaker Level , Shopaholic Level .

The Provably Fair system makes the game 100% manipulation free, so players can be sure there is no cheating. Verification system allows players to check the fairness of each bet and confirm they have not been manipulated .

Also site has a forum , but it's not such a cool forum as Prime or Stake Forum , but sometimes there are contests .


Weekly Lucky Five Free Lottery #6 - 11000+ DOGE In Prizes. going right now in this topic -


Also they have Jackpot

Wagered Contest just for big wagered

My recent money withdrawals from Lucky was few day agow

A few of my winning bets


Event duration: 24 hours

Start date and time: 28-Feb-2020 16:00:00 server time


Coin: All coins are valid except Lucky Tokens

Bet Amount: All bet amounts are valid


Rank 1 - 0.0005 BTC + 3 days Legend tag

Rank 2 - 0.0005 BTC + 3 days VIP tag

Rank 3 - 0.0005 BTC + 3 days VIP tag

Rank 4 - 0.0005 BTC + 3 days VIP tag

Rank 5 - 0.0005 BTC + 3 days VIP tag

Palindrome Explained .

A palindromic number or numeral palindrome is a number that remains the same when its digits are reversed. Like 16461

On Luckygames, there are 12 digits to a bet id. The winner for palindrome challenge will be chosen based on the biggest palindrome number that one can achieve. All games are valid for participation except Hacker's Game.

In case, the palindrome number begins with a zero and ends with a zero then, judging on the basis of number itself, these rules will apply.

Example : Palindrome of 11 digit (00)1495941(00) will be sorted among 9 digits (149594100) because the first 2 zero do not hold a value but those in the end do add value to it.



Bet ID:

Palindrome Number:


  1. Username: pitlaz

Bet ID: 137,028,207,318

Palindrome Number:13702820731

  1. Username: sanjahimik

Bet ID: 137,023,320,731

Palindrome Number:137023320731

In this scenario, sanjahimik wins for having submitted a higher palindrome number.


  1. Luckygames lvl >=3

  2. Forum posts more than 30

  3. Valid Discussion >= 2. (Locked and deleted discussions will not be counted as valid. Only exceptions will be the giveaways conducted by the players which are locked on completion).

  4. Bets made during the giveaway time only will be valid.

  5. Bets are valid at any win chance and all coins, except lucky tokens.

  6. Edited messages will be disqualified. You may post as many times as you want. But make sure to maintain 1 entry per player. Delete your older post when making a new one.

  7. Luckygames account and forum account should have an avatar.

  8. Comments with incomplete information (not matching the format) will be disqualified.

  9. Attempt with any game on luckygames is valid except Hacker's game.

  10. Only one account of a player should be used. Entries with multiple accounts will lead to disqualification.

  11. Use of bots/scripts is prohibited and will lead to permanent ban from the game site.

  12. Users who have Legend / VIP / MOD tag active (at the moment of giveaway) are not allowed to participate.

link to original topic -https://forum.luckygames.io/d/6568-giveaway-palindrome-hunt

whats the benefit of having a legend tag.

Vip and Legend switch on Satoshi faucet

Here such an idea, I'm trying to offer Luckygames Admin and moderators to enter payment for messages on the forum for the development of his own site, at least in lucky-tokens, they can be accumulated for example and the guys can buy a VIP status or a Legend and then turn on Satoshi's faucet, at least some additional bonus, who is not difficult to go support the topic, write your opinion please .

Here is the link :


I'm sorry, but this site doesn't work anymore ! It was a good place

lexus19 said:

I'm sorry, but this site doesn't work anymore ! It was a good place

yeah was about to ask if they opened again coz as far as i know they are not operating anymore

lexus19 said:

I'm sorry, but this site doesn't work anymore ! It was a good place

yes, its closed now