What Alt Coins are you buying / HODL right now ?

i think still btc & xrp is trusted for me

I also want to start HODLING coin GRIN again, but risky... 😁

Also quite keen for a 6 month HODL on EDO coin but that would be a complete gamble 😎

i think , its risky to hold coins now a day. price may go down

I'm holding about 500k xrp in duck's demo mode XD

Right now, I am HODLing NEO & ZIL alt coins, both have potential to swiftly move up in price again 😋

I'm a pretty big fan of LTC and ZEC . Think both have a lot of potential to go much higher

I have moved out of NEO and am hodling XLM & ZIL (ziliqa) right now for the next few months 😃

i change frm decent coins to shitcoins, idk if you are aware now that those pump and dump token sometimes brings luck few examples. shiba inu, pig token, feg, and a lot more. almost all in pancakeswap.

At this time I am Hodling ZIL, ADA & XLM coins, hopefully these will prove to be a good choice over the next 6 months 😍

Bnb for the win xD

aishteru said:

Bnb for the win xD

BNB should also be good for "longer" term hodl 😀