Jackpot Prediction

my prediction,it will be hit this next week or the next one...but honestly i love to see people regular players hitting jackpot unexpectedly...priceless reactions for some.

around 0.41BTC

cmon can someone hit the jp today.... goodluck to us ducklings

Hopefully sometime soon someone will be lucky enough to hit the Jackpot winning numbers 😎

I tried to look it up a couple times with no success lol. When was it that the $3000 lotto prize got drawn? I'm curious as to how long its been. Any clue guys?

Any number predictions for next Monday's draw ?

snooch's ticket

Realistically expect it to be between 6 months -1 year till someone will hit the jackpot.

Hopefully someone soon will hit the jackpot, walk away with a cool $100k 😎

Waiting for the next big winner,.hopefully its me😜😜

still not losing hope with this one ill be super happy to hit even the 3k usd prize. πŸ˜‰

$100K JP coming to snooch.

snooch said:

$100K JP coming to snooch.

πŸ˜‚ bob said no xd

Is there such a thing as being able to predict Jackpot Lottery numbers ?? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Well, my predictions for yesterdays lottery result were totally wrong again !!! haha