No More Negative Wager from Faucets

Thanks boss,.i havent touch faucet for a year just to maintain my cant remember my last faucet withdrawal.

Stan said:

**Playing in Faucet Mode will NOT affect Qualified Wager

**Starting from today playing in the Faucet Mode will have no impact on Qualified Wager. Qualified Wager will only increase from Main and Deposit Bonus Modes and will decrease with the original degrade with the time algorithm.

Bit of background:

Qualified Wager is an amount of wager we are taking into account while assigning Ranks and Levels.

The Amount of Ranks and Levels is limited and this is why we degrade the wager amount for passed days. This is to remove inactive accounts from the Ranks so more players can get them.

Previously wagering Faucets would have a negative impact on your Qualified Wager which would result in Rank and Levels drop, but this practice has now been discontinued.

What about me and my negative over hapf a coin qualified wager? I'm glad you guys discontinued the negative on qualified wager.

But what about your old time loyal players like me? I was 3 feet recently then played faucets for like a week straight. Too little too late?

4 feet , not 3. Now I'm 0 and negative over half a coin ranked

I wasnt expecting this to happen... now I can play faucets the way I want to :D thank u!

We all appreciate these changes. 😎

happy to use my faucets again without any hesitations that my level will go down.

good positive 1 bitcoin faucet

A very positive step forward 😁

This makes all the difference in the world for me thanks Stan!

Dogy said:

good positive 1 bitcoin faucet

call me if you find one... we all need that faucet aint we?

Nodwarf said:

I wasnt expecting this to happen... now I can play faucets the way I want to :D thank u!

I think that goes for all of us πŸ˜€ being able to play how we wish without negative wagering just feels great !!